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Statement of Values

PCMF unequivocally condemns hate, violence, and discrimination against any group in any form.


Portland Chamber Music Festival Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


In light of the national conversation around racial discrimination and equality, the Portland Chamber Music Festival embraces the opportunity to actively work towards meaningful change in our community and in the music industry. We have already taken, and pledge to continue taking, meaningful and concrete steps to further the critical values of equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are developing an action plan that includes the following promises:


  1.  PCMF Programming and Performers 

    • We will strive to ensure that our programming reflects the diversity of our nation, paying special attention to the diversity of the composers whose music we commission, premiere, and perform.

    • We will assess and pay special attention to the process by which performers are selected and present artistic offerings that include musicians who represent the diversity of the profession, the growing diversity of our community, and the full range of artists’ experiences and backgrounds.

    • We will use our platforms to amplify culturally diverse voices and resources.

  2. PCMF Community Engagement

    • We will pursue opportunities for meaningful discussion and learning within our communities and ensure that Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other People of Color are represented in, and participate in, our community engagement.

    • We will seek collaboration with local and national organizations that work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in music and we will make an even greater effort to make chamber music more accessible to all communities.

    • We will work to create an environment that makes everyone in the PCMF Family, including our staff, Board, supporters, and audience members feel comfortable, welcome, appreciated, and heard.

  3. PCMF Governance

    • We will develop institutional policies and practices that foster a culture of inclusion and racial equity.

    • To implement our action plan and to accomplish the goals outlined above, we will take steps to diversify our Board of Directors and our Advisory Board.


In implementing these measures, PCMF will advance crucial social values and further our primary mission of presenting the highest quality chamber music performance.

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